When i turn on ventilation, laser restart

Hello! I have made an enclosure box to save my self from the smoke and i added a small fan for this!
I chose to make the fan indepentend from my system so i plug it directly to the plug with a simple swith to turn on/off.
Now the problem is that if i turn on/off the fan the laser restart and it homes the head to the 0.0 position.
All the apllinces (laser neje3max - laptop - fan) are conected to the same plug!
I can start the fan in andvance and let it run all the time which is ok but i am wondering why is this happens.
Thank you and happy new year!

In all probability the fan draws more current than can be supplied on startup and the voltage drops as the fan gets going, so the laser resets…

As you stated if you start the fan first, then it’s not an issue.

Remove the fan to a different ac source and see if the issue goes away. If you have a low cost ‘strip’ for power, that can cause this also.

Good luck


I also think it has to do with the current, but it also happens when i turn off the fan!
I will do what you propose, and i will also try with other appliances on the same plug.
It’s a very small fan 16 watt only

Fans are inductive and likely produce some form of a reversed polarity when the motors electric field collapses. This is a likely cause of a power fluctuation.

Move it to a different outlet may eliminate the issue… How far away is the fan from the laser? It could be an rfi issue, but that’s doubtful.

If you have any ss switches around, you could try one of these… The advantage of a ss (solid state) switch is the power is switched on or off at the zero voltage level eliminating many of these issues…

This is in my machine, runs the fan now… at the time it ran both the factory air pump and the ventilation fan. It’s switched on with anything above a few volts.

Good luck


i think is because the self-induction effect. The coil of the fan is the reason! All the plugs in the warehouse are connected to the same line so i think it will not help to use another, but i will try it!

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