When will the next version release

We get asked this a lot…

Best we can offer is “soon-ish” - we don’t really give hard dates. Below, we share a bit about our general release flow, to help in understanding our process and setting some expectations.

We usually only start talking about our ‘next release’ - publicly, after completing internal testing, and are confident in a release candidate. Next, we set our Beta Group loose, helping us with testing the release candidate. This is an iterative process, testing - fixing - testing again, rinse and repeat until we are confident things are stable, works as expected, ready for general public release. Mostly, we do not commit to a ‘release date timeframe’ in this way, as issues can arise, its software :wink:, we strive to provide the best possible releases based on quality - not a date certain.

We generally release when things are stable and there’s enough benefit to be worthwhile, and try to hit a new release at least once every two months.