Where can I find the Library base template?

I am looking to set up a materials library in Lightburn and have seen some videos of loading a base library then changing that to suit the machine I have. I cannot find this base template. Can someone please direct me to where I can find it?
Thank you

We don’t recommend doing this - the “base template” you’re talking about is a library for the Emblaser 2 diode machine. The speed and power settings are very slow compared to what you would use for a CO2 system, and if you ever accidentally use one of the original entries, you’re likely to start a fire.

When you use a piece of material and have a setting that works for it, select the layer entry, then in the Library, click ‘Create new from Layer’, enter the material name, thickness (if appropriate), and what the settings are for (Cut through, surface mark, engrave, deep engrave, etc). That’s it. For surface marking or engraving, use no thickness, because it doesn’t matter for those. For cutting, it does, because you’ll use different power / speed settings to make it through.

Thank you for the fast reply… I will do this.

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