Where can we purchase a Longer Camera Cord?

Looking to buy another cord for our machine, need it to be longer than the one that came with our Lightburn Camera.

Any suggestions?


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That’s a custom/ unique usb cable that comes with the camera from the manufacturer.

It’s already meant to be “quite long” and I’m not sure how much longer you can go before signal degradation.

Your inquiry might also suggest that your computer is not all that close to the laser. You should always be close to and keeping an eye on the running laser.

Use a usb extension cable if you need to.

ok Thanks - I appreciate it.

USB cables are limited in length to 15 feet, total. The one supplied is 10 feet, so if you go much longer you’ll need a powered USB extender cord that’s USB 2.0 compatible.

…or simply extend it through a powered USB hub, if you have one lying around (which at least I usually do…).

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