Where does LighBurn keep it's fonts

I have LightBurn on two laptops and want to transfer the fonts from one to the other. One has some fonts that I use a lot. Does anyone know where LightBurn keeps it font file?

LightBurn does not store fonts. There are basically 2 types of fonts used by LightBurn.

  1. Provided by the OS. So whatever Windows, Mac, or Linux provide LightBurn will use. In this case use whatever native font management process on that OS to copy fonts to your other system
  2. SHX fonts - These can be used in LightBurn. The location of the fonts are specified in Settings->File Settings. Most people will never use this and you may not have any. Simply copy the fonts files to the other computer and use the settings to designate the folder.

Okay. Thanks for the information and your quick reply!!

Thank you again. Got all the fonts transferred over to my other laptop. :grinning: :grin: :+1:

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