Where does Lightburn store temp files?

When Lightburn creates a temp file, where does it put it?
eg. when doing a 3dslice, where is that being stored temporarily.
Must go somewhere :slight_smile:
I have looked in users folder nothing there, windows temp naught there, its generating slices like any other slicing software for resin or fdm has to put them somewhere:)

No word what so ever on this, common devs. Any answer is better than being ignored.

Everything is done in memory. There are no temp files.

Oz ty for the reply, is there a reason for that? I’m only asking as the workshop computer is not stellar with ram, only 4g which enough to run windows LB and a CnC program for other machines I have.

Should I be giving some more loving in the way of ram for this process?

I have noticed that if I stop the process a couple of times I need to kill LB reload to continue.


Less likely you were ignored and more likely those who knew the answer didn’t see the post before you bumped it. The LB staff is extremely active here but they do have other things demanding their attention.

Mostly because going to disk is slow, and wouldn’t really save much. The job to send to the machine is built up in RAM and has to be sent continuously, and the instructions themselves aren’t huge, since they’re really just line segments. The grayscale image is resized to the output size once, then thresholded into a 1-bit result, which is then rasterized into segments to sent to the machine.

Windows can be a bit of a pig, so 4gb might be a bit low, especially if you’re using really high DPI values, but LightBurn is usually pretty memory efficient.

Do you mean stop the 3D slicing process while it’s being built up?

It’s not impossible that we might have a memory leak if you kill it early. I can double check to make sure everything is being cleaned up properly.

ty for your input

The odd occasion you forget to change a frequency or bump power so kill the process before it finishes.

Lightburn becomes none responsive so a LB restart is required.

I have since found out that the slices are all kept in memory and not as temp files on HD which could mean I just don’t have enough ram to do that.

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