Where is s - value i cant see a radio button anywhere in device settingsr that says s-value?

i have read a lot about setting the correct pwm so that the outputs are correct
k40 with analogue dial for power
i have looked for a s-value setting or button but cant find it in device settings
i have a c3d laserboard running smothieware with shipped firmware(not updated to cluster as yet)
question 1 should i upgrade to cluster firmware
question 2 where do i find s-value ? or is it called something else and s-value is just a generic name.
thanks for any help

Generally yes Rick but I checked as I also run smoothie and that option is omitted. This is probably a good thing as smoothie uses 0-1 for their scale vs 255 or 1000.

Yep, totally got that wrong. I will delete as to not confuse others.

thanks guys ive been looking for that s-value for ages>>lol
do i need to set up the pwm with smothie if so how is that done ?is it done in the console window the same way

I don’t know why you think you need to change this value, but it needs to stay at the default value of 1000 for C3D/ Smoothieware firmware.

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Ok thank you
It was because i read an article on c3d from ray saying every laser was dfferent and the pwr had to be set up
And tefered to the s- value (.which i coouldent find in lightburn )
Didnt say anything about smothieware not having that function,so thats why i posted the question

i refer you to this, which was why i posted

link to
pwm tuning for SMOTHIE firmware

We all don’t know as much as some people,! which is what forums are for is it not?.
I felt your comment a little rude to be honest ray , not because of the point you were making but the way you made it!
you could have polity said,“its ok you don’t need to change this as”…ect…ect
i felt like a schoolboy,even though i am at least twice your age…
but i guess people like me (who are just starting out) , are frustrating for people like you experts.
Sill i find it odd that 2 experts opinion differ? so still don’t know who is correct
thanks though, i work it out for myself.

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