Where is the machine setting in 3.1.01

I’m using version 3.1.01 and I do not see the machine setting button any more. Where did it go?

Edit->Machine Settings

I only have Setting and Device Settings.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

What device profile are you configured for on the device you have selected?

I assumed this was for a Ruida based on your profile. If you are selected for a device configured with certain profiles this may not be available as an option.

I have this same problem, and I haev no idea how to find these machine settings.

What do you mean by device profile?

Not all machines have “machine settings” exposed in a way that LightBurn can access.

Your profile says you have a Cohesion3D board. If you’re using Smoothieware firmware on it, all the configuration settings are stored in a file on the SD card of the board, called config.txt. You have to power off the controller, pull the SD card, insert it into your computer, edit the file, put the SD card back into the controller, and power it back up.

Your profile says “Boss Laser” but makes no mention of what kind of laser you’re using - CO2 / DSP would be our assumption, and those would have machine settings available, but a Boss fiber laser wouldn’t. What type of laser are you currently connected to?

is there no way to do it via lightburn?
I need to refine my rotatry settings (never used it before)

There is not.

LightBurn doesn’t directly support this but you may be able to use config-get and config-set commands in Console to see and set configuration changes for Smoothieware without editing config.txt directly.

Check here for more information:
console-commands [smoothieware.org]

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