Where is the "scan all shapes at once" feature?

i am wanting to scan many items more efficiently. i have tried all of the optimization features but i cant get it to scan and raster all of the shapes across the table. it keeps rastering one shape at a time. how can i get the laser head to travel all the way across the bed rastering much more efficiently? i have watched the video on this forum about scanning all shapes at once but cannot find that feature on my Lb 9.1 software.

Watch this video and look at the detailed cut settings for each layer (double-click) layer color to expose the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window. All of these are used to create the desired cut sequence. This video and reviewing our documentation will help you get a good overview of how they work in combination to achieve what you’d like.

Let us know if there is a particular workflow you are having difficulties with, and we can take a look.

Still,inside the Priority, Group or Layer it is only rastering one object at a time. I want it to raster across many objects so that the laser head runs the entire width of the table and back {less direction changes}. how can i accomplish this? This will cut down on my time if possible. I still can take advantage of the other optimization features after this raster step is completed.

I understand what you want, and I understand the benefits in time savings you are after. What I don’t understand is what “Raster” means to you.

If you are trying to scan multiple images in a single go, LightBurn does not support this at this time. It is on our list to do, but not there in current version.

what you call scanning is probably what i want. I have learned it as “rastering” or “engraving” (as apposed to vectoring or cutting}. I can get it to work if i raster all the images together in AI. However, when i import them into LB, the images shift slightly to the right. The farther from the origin - the farther my images shift to the right. any shift in my images looks bad if they are not centered on the cutout lines of my products. So, i am trying to accomplish this efficiency in LB. I hope i am making myself clear. Sorry for the long description. You are very good with your communications.

Thanks for the nice words, Lenny. I am having a very hard time understanding, so let’s try this:

First, what filetype are you importing that is causing this issue? Vector or an Image file?

Post a few pictures of what file(s) you are starting with, what it looks like in LightBurn, how you have the Optimization Setting configured, and the Preview with the slider anywhere but far left or right so I can see a bit of how things are processing. We can go from there.

AI file

LB preview

optimization settings

At present, LightBurn does not have the ability to fill multiple images at once, only filled shapes. This is planned for our next release.

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