Where to place camera Ortur 15w laser

Where do you place/mount the camera for a Ortur 15w laser? I printed the mount and it’s secure.


Directly over the center of the working area, so the camera can see just a little more than the whole work area, and in a way that neither the camera or machine can move.

is there a file to make a structure to hang over the center

No - we have mounts available for mounting inside the lid of a closed laser, but nothing like that for open frame systems. You’d need to come up with something on your own.

Approximately how many inches Is that? Could you use a camera tripod?

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You have said “the camera” - there is no “the camera” - there are specific cameras, like our 8MP-75, or the 5MP-160, and all of them have different mounting requirements that depend on the size of the work area of the machine.

What camera do you have? If you click Help > Camera Selection Help in LightBurn, it will tell you the minimum heights for each of the cameras we sell based on your entered bed size.

This may work but I’ll have to calibrate every time

At the moment the calibration isn’t working out well

That very strong shadow across the image isn’t going to help, and the pattern is too small in the camera view.

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