Which camera lens do I need?

Sorry guys, I am facing a mental blockage right now to determine which camera I need.

I have the 1390 RedBlack Laser, which is a large 1300mm with 900mm bed.

Opening the enclosure I measure 43inch from the honeycomb to underneath the enclosure where I would mount the camera.

I am thinking the 160 lense?

43" is 1092mm.

1300 / 1.4 = 928mm minimum clearance for the 90 degree lens - that’s cutting it relatively close, so I’d go with the 120 just to be safe and have a little wiggle room.

I ordered on saturday the 160.
|ORDER #5489|

Can I change that to 120 please?

Yes, I’ll make a note on the order. It will go out today.

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Actually, can I order a 2nd 120 cam for the 2nd laser and have them both send same time?
Ordered just one because I thought I will try first and order than the 2nd, but now I thought: DOOHH, WHY DONT YOU ASK!

Saves me shipping.

Update: 120 are sold out according the order page.

We have more, just haven’t added them to stock, I think. Let me double check.

Let me cancel your existing order and you can order both again. Easier than trying to play with shipping.

my apologies for me flip flopping.

It’s ok - it’s not difficult to do on my end. :slight_smile:

120’s are added to stock - you can order again now.

I see my order was canceled. I will order two 120 in this case.

Thank you for your help!

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Thanks again. Order #5534 must have just arrived!