Which camera setup do you think would be best?

I am looking at adding a camera but little unsure of which is best out of these options.

My bed is 630mm wide at its widest but the work area is 500mm

So should I go for a

  1. 60 Degree lens using (550mm work area) and mount it in the lid (700mm)
  2. 60 Degree lens using (550mm work area or 630mm bed) and mount it on the ceiling (1080mm)
  3. 90 Degree lens using (630mm full bed) and mount it in the lid (700mm)

I am thinking 60 degree is the way to go but ideally I’d like to mount on ceiling/roof to ensure constant distance to bed but would I lose a lot of accuracy from the further distance?
is mounting in the lid (open) giving constant distance in peoples experience?

would love some hands on advice.

If the lid has gas struts that are fairly solid, the lid is ok. If the hinges are loose, or the struts have a decent amount of play in them, that will affect the accuracy. How much room is there between the top of the lid when closed and the work surface?

The 160 degree camera isn’t great when used with larger machines, but with a 500mm wide work area, you’re in the ballpark for using a wide angle lens with the closed lid.

HI thanks for responding, to be honest I tend to work with lid open.

The lid has struts and it is quite solid I think lid mount would work but wondered what effect have a 60 degree mounted and extra 380mm (on roof) away would have over it being at the 700mm (in lid) have on the quality/accuracy?

I would say try it - the lid will work, but your bed area is small enough that the ceiling mount might work too - you have enough resolution relative to the bed area to play with, so I don’t think the extra height would hurt the accuracy, it’d just come down to how well you can focus the camera from that distance.

Yeah I guess I have nothing to lose as its 60 degree for both these circumstances isn`t it?

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