Which camera to order

I apologize for sounding foolish, I’m interested in order a 8mp camera. I am just very confused with all your options in various degree options. I have 80w red n blk chinese laser700x500 mm work area. Im not sure exactly where to measure with the door open to where it would be 90 degrees to the bed. I am hoping with as many cameras that have been sold that someone can recommend the proper camera.

This post should help you

LightBurn Camera Calculator

Here is a past post to help you with measuring distance

Measuring Distance for LightBurn camera

The camera doesn’t have to be perfectly centered above the bed, that’s just the ‘ideal’ spot because it takes the least amount of correction. The camera code in LightBurn can deal with some pretty extreme mounting angles, so if you’re within about 20 degrees of centered that’s still very good.

One of the lasers we support has the camera mounted in the back, with a 160 degree fisheye and it’s likely more horizontal than vertical.

Things get a little fuzzier toward the bottom of the image, where the camera input is really squished, but the software will deal with it and do the best it can.

Can anybody tell me which camera best fits a Aeon Mira 9?

We’d need measurements - the bed size (working area) and the distance from the bed to the inside of the open lid above the bed.

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