Which controller is more powerful? Need to Alleviate this problem

I have a AWC708C controller that I purchased for my K40 when I upgraded it. I haven’t used the machine since I purchased my BumbleBee 7050, 50w, (I named it my BumbleBee, lol). Is this of higher processing power, memory, etc, than a Ruida controller?

My 7050 has what I am assuming is a Ruida controller,

all I know is that I have a brand new MSI laptop and if I try to scan something 10" x 10" at a dpi above 600, the scan becomes erratic, overscanning, jerking then the x/y lose signal and stop but the laser keeps going. Good thing I pay attention!

Same thing with my old laptop, and to note also, when I import the high dpi photo into LB, enable pass through, set s/p, like normal, click start, the progress bar starts of good until about 35/40% then slows and slows, then hangs around 80/85, and that’s when the craziness I explained above happens!

Is it my controller? A setting in LightBurn? Will my AWC708C alleviate this problem? Anyone else experience a similar issue?

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  • What speed are you running the file at?
  • Are you clicking ‘Start’ to run it, or ‘Send’?
  • How are you connected to the machine? (looks like USB, based on ‘Lan: OFF’ on the display)

Ruida will run a job while it’s still being sent, but if it’s dense enough (IE, 600 DPI and being run reasonably quickly) the processor ends up stalling while trying to both receive the file and run the job. If you Send to the machine, then run it from the controller File menu once it’s sent, you won’t likely have the stuttering issue.

10" x 10" at 600 DPI is also a lot of data, depending on the image and how it’s processed. Potentially 36M pixels, with each one taking about 3 to 5 bytes to represent on the controller could easily put you over the 100MB limit for a Ruida controller. If you use Newsprint or Halftone style processing, it will cluster the shading and takes less space.

To my knowledge, the AWC has similar limits.

Start, and my usual 130mm/s speed
Machine behaves fine at 600dpi images

I wonder if LAN would help?

It starts to run the job, and as the upload is progressing, then it starts to jack up. I see these guys out there running 1000, what do I need to do that?
Or, who it be more feasible, better to focus on the lens setup?

I mean, I don’t do too shabby with what I have, but I can do better.
Recommendations are helpful and you know I value your input

And thank you again for taking the time to help with my camera! I really appreciate it.

Click ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’ and name the file, then run it from the panel. It’s quite possible that at 600 DPI you’re just giving the controller too much to do, and it can’t handle both tasks at once. That also has the benefit that if the job is too large for the memory in the controller that it will fail before it starts, and won’t ruin your material.

Thank you, I will give that a try…

Did that work? It helps other users in the forum that may have similar problems if you can confirm if this was the solution or not.

What are you engraving that you need 600 dpi or more?

Without a high resolution laser head, running at high DPI will actually make the quality worse due to dot overlap. 300DPI is about the upper limit without the high resolution laser head.

I engrave a lot of photos. Just really want to see what my max limitations are for best results.

I have the HR compound setup.

I will confirm soon, doing maintenance on my machine. I should be able to test that out next weekend…

What were the results?

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