Which fan should I NOT plug in to the back of my laser?

I’m just finishing the setup on a GWEIKE LC1390N laser. I noticed it said NOT to plug in the fan to the back of the laser (I think it meant the exhaust fan), but I think I’m supposed to plug the chiller and the blower into the back. Is that correct?

Also, should I leave the chiller on overnight, even when the machine is not running?

I don’t own a GWEIKE but another blue and white 100w Chinese machine. I don’t plug anything else into the back as I am using a 110v->220v converter. Since the rest of the support appliances (chiller, fume extractor and blower) all run off 110v they plug into other ports on the surge suppressor/power strip.

One thing I did is got one of those power centers where a master plug controls power to others and connected the chiller to the master position. That way there is no possibility of forgetting to power the chiller prior to firing the laser.

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The general consensus regarding the outlets on the back of most of these import lasers is that it is a good way to start a fire.

The wiring is of poor quality and typically low capacity.

If you connect any device to those outlets, well, just don’t.

The chiller need not be running when the laser is not operating. It cools the water that cools the laser tube, which when not running does not need cooling.

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Chinese power is 220v, and therefore half the amperage that US wiring is.

If you’re in the US, you shouldn’t plug anything in to the rear of these machines, unless they specifically tell you they are rated for 110v, or the higher amp draw will heat the wires, melt switches, and generally wreak havoc.


Thanks for the information! Any chance you could tell me where to get one of these master control power centers?

The plugs on the back of the laser are specifically labeled 110V, so I think I’m okay there.

I use an APC P8GT.

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Every Chinese manufacturer does it differently.

My bigger ones are wired with an industrial-grade international-plug 13A switch box, screwed and earthed. The earthing was good - no paint, flanged washer, clean hole through the sheet metal, cable runs fitted with grommets, etc.

You can run anything through the back, but I don’t. I keep them for if I need to plug in a light or tool or laptop. Besides, they’re at the back and in my new shop will probably have to have them pushed close to the wall.

My earlier machine I just ripped out what they gave me and put good quality local fittings. But, I have an (out of date) electrical cert. YMMV

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Heh… Just because it says it, on a Chinese laser it doesn’t mean it is correct! Don’t plug anything in the back of your laser. Get a Triplite power strip with individual power switches for each socket from Amazon.

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