Which is way for the what is faster?

A quick question if you all don’t mind? Please…
Now that my LB trial is over, I’ve just been outside which has felt like for ever poised for yet a 3rd night of just sitting outside staring all glossy and googly eye into the abyss and chain smoking.

Very similar to a fateful night 20 years ago when for the 1st time i willingly attended a NA meeting back in Hollywood. The difference is that here in the now, i am listening to my hair grow instead of a demon siren calling me & begging me for just 1 last night of fun with her and asuring me with her bs of how it would’ve been ok to start my sobriety the next day :exploding_head:

… Well just like then when I ended that chapter of my life. I too will be ending this torture of not being able to use my lasers and will now cough up the $40 for the a lcensing key

I mean really, don’t get me wrong I love listening to the sound of my hair grow but let’s face it and be real 'ive got shark’s in the tank and they all need “L-a-a-a-sers” on them :rofl::rofl::joy:

Finally hear is the very quick question I needed some help with…

Wh’ich method is the fastest and_the most likely to be a safer/ option for me to get going?

Or does it even matter at this point, and I should just breathe, listen to my hair grow, make a choice then after have some fun drawing some "L-a-a-a-zers for the sharks to try on until my software licensing key is emailed and sent some possibly maybe risqué photos of my old computer case to a very convincing 300 baud modem someplace like in Kansas I think??

So any reccommendations on
Who to do to do for what or where to get my key?
A- through the trial software?

B- Though lightburn e-store? Or …

C- through Cohesion3d.com e-store?

Thanks in advance
Madison Rae

Sorry but unfortunately patients was NEVER a strong trait of mine and went directly with the LB eshop.

That being said i am still interested to know “what would you choose and why”.

Madison Rae

It’s worth the $40.

More than.

@Bonjour lol I was never saying it wasn’t worth spending the $40. My problem was the cash flow timing. Knowing how impatient I can be as well impulsive. I have only a certain amount allocated each month specifically for any of my projects/hobbies & hair brain experiments. Trust me I have a lot of hair :brain: ideas​:laughing: So as difficult as it was for me to have to wait i am forced by experience to “stick to the plan” which I did.

Without a doubt $40 is absolutely worth it. Sure theres a good learning curve with it but honestly I couldn’t phantom the idea of using anything less then lightburn on my k40.

Side note to the original post
I was honestly expecting to wait upto 24 hours for the license key. But to my greatest joy the email response after payment was no more than a few minutes!!!

A definite thumbs up :+1: @LightBurn for the hard work put in also for exceeding a realistic expectation that was set.:blush:

Madison Rae

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