Which Lightburn Software to Purchase

I have a Onefinity CNC with a J Tech 7 Walt laser and running Vcare Pro. Which Lightburn do I purchase?

LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license
Regular price$60.00


LightBurn Software - GCode License Key
Regular price$60.00

LightBurn Software - DSP License Key
Regular price$120.00

First time user, need help…

The middle one.

Please don’t buy our product. Well, not just yet. :wink:

You should first ensure LightBurn is the right solution for your needs, so please use our free, 30-Day fully functional trial here, if you haven’t already:

When ready, you will need the GCode License, as @Ash identifies. :slight_smile:

and please keep the soft pink body parts AWAY from the laser once it starts … :smirk:

haha only the ones you want to keep…