Which setting would modify shape on gcode generation?

So, I managed to change a setting somewhere late last night that had some interesting results. Everything would be properly proportioned on the screen, but the outputted gcode would elongate everything by about 15-20%. Circles turned into ovals, and squares into rectangles, etc.

The only fix I could find was to fully remove and re-install lightburn. After that, all was right as rain.

For the life of me I can’t remember what I tweaked, but if someone might know what might have caused this so I can avoide it like the plague. Maybe test and then avoide, but ultimately avoide.

Enabled rotary accidentally?

If that would elongate along the Y axis, then maybe.

Yes, most of the time the rotary is on Y axis and having it enabled can stretch or shrink things in the Y direction (depending on rotary settings) when doing flat work.

Thank you! Very good to know!

BTW, all of the rotary settings are for an external attached device for lasing on cylindrical objects. ie you don’t need to enable rotary for anything else but an attached piece of external hardware.

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