Which version license to buy?

Can somebody please help me. My trial is ended, and I don’t know which version of license I need to buy?

That decision is based on the controller of your laser. Since we are clueless what you have…


Is this of any help?

It’s always nice to just have a link to the device you own. Totem has a bunch of lasers. It is a grbl based board, so you should be able to run it with the basic version of Lightburn. You only pay extra for DSP type controllers licenses.

If you click on the ‘jkwilborn’, next to my name on the thread, it will reveal information about what kind of equipment I have. Yours is pretty bleak :frowning:

Good luck, have fun :slight_smile:


did the trail version work? so yes buy that license

@Henk_The_Tank, For clarification, the trial offers both GCode and DSP support in the same version.

Jack is correct, for that Totem device, you will need this version: LightBurn Software - GCode License Key