White Paper Cutting Problems on an Eleksmaker A3 2.5W

In my 1st few attempts to cut different color papers on my new Eleksmaker A3 Pro, 2.5W laser, I noticed that white paper isn’t easy to cut like colored paper (std copy paper weight).

If I try to go slower or raise power, the paper catches fire.

For example speed/power settings of 8mm per sec/20%PWR cuts a pattern through on a darker paper color like light red, but just skips along without marking white paper except when the laser slows down on corners of a rectangle for example.

Is this because white paper reflects the laser and does not absorb the heat energy as well as colored paper, brownish card stock, and wood?

I’m running the trial version of Lightburn on a Win10 laptop.


You are correct that the white paper is reflecting the beam instead of absorbing it.

Thanks, @Grumpy_Old_Man
So, is there a trick to cutting white paper (to make a greeting card, for ex.) without upping the power to the point of burning it? Do people run multiple traces at low power to eventually cut it cleanly? Say a white card stock like 110lbs.

BTW, I like your user name :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure if there is any trick to doing white card stock. Someone else may be able to offer you more insight than I can.

I suspect much of the white cardstock you see being cut is done with a CO2 laser, where the beam is a different wavelength and is therefore not reflected. Manila or off-white stock is going to be much easier than pure white with a diode laser.

I think you’re absolutely right.
Oh, well, can’t expect much with a diode laser.
Looking forward to a (hopefully) near future acquisition of a 50W Chinese laser.