White text on a black background

I have an image with a black background, and want to put text on top of it, so that it cuts around the text, leaving it white. I have tried push to front, but it cuts all of the background first, then cuts the text into it. Is there a way to get the text to be untouched?

I’m a little confused. You want to cut out a shape, and you want the entire shape to be engraved or dark, except for the text?

If we assume that’s the case, you can do as follows:

Make your shape, and set the cut mode to fill.

Duplicate it, change the layer color and set the mode to line. This is going to be the layer that gets cut out. (For the screenshot, I’ve turned off the fill layer)

Then add your text, keeping the layer color for the text the same as the fill for the shape.

If this isn’t what you were going for, let me know, and I’ll fix the instructions.

The image is a figure on a black background, so is coming into lightburn as an image, so I can’t set it to fill or line,and want to have white text on top of the black background.

For now you’d need to edit the image in a paint program to add the white text. LightBurn doesn’t have the ability to exclude portions of an image at this time, but it’s planned.

Yeah, I can’t fix the instructions that well. Sorry.

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that helps a bunch, at least I know I’m not missing something, looking forward to that update.

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