White tile method…it’s not just for tiles

I think the pics are self explanatory. White tile method…OM tech 55 at 45/14.5 330 dpi.
I use the blue version of this paint as it come out black but more so I can see the coverage better verses white on white action.


Hey, those look good!

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Nice Job! Very professional looking.

Thanx……it seems the mugs laser better than the tiles and since I sell both it’s nice that the mugs are a snap.
The CO2 works great for straight vector fills via threshold but on photo it is hit or miss and I have fiddled for a year with photos. However I don’t have a need to sell any photo on tile so it’s no big although I just picked up an Eleksmaker pro to dabble with photos only.

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They look very nice… I’ve never asked this, but how do you remove the paint? The spray I use washes off with water…

Lacquer thinner or acetone…never tried a water based paint though

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Which blue? The original White paint works because it has titanium dioxide that turns black after exposure. Don’t know which blue paint does that.

Nice work, but would really like to replicate it.

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It’s the same brand of paint/primer…just a rather…ugly light blue….I can get a pic later but I think there are only a few colors in that paint/primer.

Please do, there are only 5-7 blues in that paint family…

Well, actually it looks like there’s 22 blues in the “Painters Touch 2X” family, but probably only 5-7 qualify as “ugly light blue”. :smiley:

Satin oasis blue….and I would assume the substrate has a role to play…and there are more ugly blues than my local hardware store carries…that’s a ton of ugly

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The base of all paints is white. It then gets tinted either at the factory or at the store where you purchase it to match the colors you need.

I am sure this is why almost any color would work it just depends on the base paint formula.

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I think if it turns black it has this in it. Probably no matter the color, except clear

That’s what I figured especially for lighter colored paints…mostly white with a tad of color. I just used light blue as it made it easier to tell how even the base coat was on white tiles as it was hard to tell white on white. Also I would surmise that the base porcelain affects the cladding process as well. One coffee mug brand may work better than another depending on the thickness of the glaze etc.

Yes indeed. There’s a LOT of different glaze formulas out there and I’m sure some work way better than others.
So, ummm… where did you get those nice mugs that seem to work so well?

let me look up the order off of Amazon


Thanks! I was looking at Amazon and saw those, but just because they look similar doesn’t necessarily mean the glaze is. They sure came out nice for you.

My thought process was….maybe cheaper cups have a thinner glaze to get through….or not. I will say unlike tiles that when doing these I get small sparks here and there….would be the glaze maybe or the porcelain. I ordered another type that looks the same at the same time but still waiting on them. Was just guessing on a few to try but these came out way better than I expected.

What exactly is the process you are using? Looks amazing!

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