White tile method…it’s not just for tiles

Well it is the white tile method previously described on this forum.
I use the paint I mentioned above. Spray two light coats but I only wait about 8 hours to laser…that’s just me.
I use a 55 watt CO2 with the smaller lens probably is a 1.5 inch focal length.
330 dpi 45mmsec at 14.5 % power. It will work up to 55 mmsec and 15% power as well.
That’s basically it.


Nice work for sure - are you using a rotary tool or just making sure the area is small enough that it stays in your focal length?

I just discovered “the white tile method” about a week ago and am working to improve results - I haven’t tried a shorter focal length yet. I have lots of lenses including the compound lens from Russ’s videos. I’ll have to give it a try.

i do use a rotary. i use a short focal lens simply due to some small detail in some art…longer focal…larger spot…small details get lost…otherwise i would use maybe a 2 inch or 2.5 inch lens

I did try another set of similar mugs…same size…different vendor. The bisque or glaze is a bit whiter but results were the same pretty much. Seems if the glaze etc is brighter white the black seems a bit brighter if that makes sense…these were more a of a bulk order from a non amazon vendor

Scott I would like to ask a few questions. My email is santafepaco@gmail.com . If ok I can send samples of my work. Ty Steve Simmons

If you have questions, that are not of a personal nature, it’s best to ask them here. I’ve found if someone has a question, many of us have or will have the same question.

We’re all here picking his brain… :crazy_face:


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You can also message me through the lb message feature just click on my user name…email is fine…or post here…whatever is fine with me.

Where do you get these paints from?
I don’t get it in Germany

@Utopi If you do a search on the Norton white tile method you will see that the secret to all of this is the titanium dioxide contained in the paint. The best thing to do experiment with the paints available in your country and see which one gives you the best results.

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Interestingly enough, I’ve tried a Lowe’s cheap tile with Rustoleum White and Rustoleum Silver, and after removing the paint, both results were silver in color. I’m going to cook one painted black next…

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Titanium oxide is also used to whiten the glaze on the tiles… I believe this also influences the engraving.

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Has anyone tried to leave the paint on the tile they have engraved? I have found I like the results on mine if I could just leave the paint with various colors. Afraid the paint might not hold up. Thanks

There are a number of videos about doing this, some more complex than other but in simple terms you build up a few layer of paint and selectively ‘burn’ off the layer… Here’s one from the Makers forum. I think I’ve seen some here… This one is with a diode laser.

Good luck