White tile painted black

Trying a picture on white tile painted black using sculpfun S9, does anyone have laser settings, already done one but took 15hrs to do, must be a way to have a decent picture and less time

I really like the black paint on white preset in the Image adjust window. Really good results so far.

What’s the resulting tile look like?



That picture looks way worse than it looks in person. LOL.

My granddaughter is obsessed with Totoro. I made her some Catbus and Totoro cards. Black on silver Very low res image to start with. Black paint on white preset.

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Have you tried this with with negative image enabled?


No i didn’t do it with that image. Would that speed up the time??

Isn’t where you lased it white? This looks like a negative…

It won’t change your job speed, but I thought you’d like the look better… not like a negative.