White Tiles For Coasters

Here are some white tiles I did this weekend. I also included a small prototype box to put the coasters in.

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Excellant work

Have you used some paint ?

I use Rustoleum 2X White Gloss spray paint. It’s the only thing I tried besides galvanizing compound which don’t work on tile. It’s the first thing I tried. I did a power test tile, and used the setting that looked the best. For me it was 850mm/min & 85% power. You should do your own test tile to find what works for your laser, or start with mine and go from there.

I wish I could afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars for those NFL licensing fees.


Well if you don’t know about copyright infringement he may not realize what dinks the nfl is about it….then again unless you sell on Etsy and get caught probably never be an issue for him. Not saying it’s right as it isn’t but so many people have no idea it’s technically illegal and your right….the fees are huge to legally use their brand….astronomical actually

No need to reply to idiots.

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If it’s for personal use, I think that goes into fair use law, so it’s ok :slight_smile: