Who made my laser?

Hello, I have a 80w CO2 I bought from Orion motor tech. They never answer emails so how do I find out who made the laser?

Do you mean the laser itself, or the controller?

The laser itself

Usually there’s a sticker or small metal plate on the back with the manufacturer name stamped in. If it’s an 80w from Orion, it might be a Kehui.

I have an 80w OMT, and there’s a sticker on the back but no indication of who makes it.
I’m pretty sure that once they’ve got your money they want no further responsibility for it.

Im new to this, using lightburn now and its awsome but when I was adjusting settings from RDworks an issue arose. Again im new to this but Ive made a vid and this is the link, not sure if links are allowed. It would be easier to get a phone call from president over Orion

Watch "ORION MOTOR TECH Laser X " on YouTube

You’ve lowered your engraving acceleration way too much.

When scanning shapes, the laser head is accelerated up to speed before the laser turns on, and the distance it needs to do that is based on the speed and acceleration settings. Higher speed and/or lower acceleration needs more room.

Edit: Nevermind. Oz covered it

Whoever you are kudos, its fixed and the new file is saved. One in lightburn and RDworks. At this point lightburn is just wicked and no need for RDworks anymore plus the knowledge support here is worth its weight in Diamonds. Thank you

Its a great machine, I just did something really really stupid. If you get a chance can you screen shot your machine settings so I can match em up. I made a fatal error of changing things before creating master file

Heres mine

That is very kind of you. As a side, we can provide you with our mailing address for these but please add insurance. Hate to have that package get “lost” in transit. :wink:


Hello, this is the customer service representative from “ORION MOTOR TECH”. We are sorry to know you met some problems with our machine and we are eager to help. Sorry, we didn’t get your previous email and failed to help you in time.
Please feel free to email us at "support@orionmotortech.com" with your order number.
We would reply to you with a solution in a timely manner.
Thank you.

No problems now, the guys at lightburn are very very intelligent as long as you explain issues correctly and helped me expediently. But now that I have your attention you have a great product, but your new website rejects emails before they can be sent and getting hold of your company through amazon has to many layers to go through. Ill use the email provided by you if I encounter another issue, happy new year!!

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