Why am I getting a double image?

I have only used Lightburn a few times but I noticed this issue twice now. The first when I tried to engrave the pattern to focus my camera, and this week when I was working with another scan file. It looks fine in the software but scan with a double image. Any ideas what is causing this? Running a Rudia controller.

Check your beam alignment, this can be caused by the beam hitting the nozzle as it exits the laserhead.

Scans fine if I use RDWorks

What version of LightBurn? What does this look like in the ‘Preview’ window?

on version 0.9.07 using a Windows PC. looks the same on Preview as on the setup screen.

“Scans fine if I use RDWorks” - have you set up a reverse interval table in RDWorks? If so, you’d need to do the same in LightBurn, as that is a software setting, not a hardware one.

Did you rotate that before outputting it, or were you scanning along Y?

I do have the reverse interval table entered. And I had the same double scan result when running in both X and Y

You may need to adjust the entries in that table, or you may need to toggle the switch above the list that turns the scanning offset on.

Still getting a double image. Ive turned the machine off and on. Restarted the computer, deleted and re-installed Lightburn. Checked the scan settings. still double images. I really would like to use this software as it has great features and love the camera. But i can’t get a good scan and heaven forbid put a $35 Yet cup in there. No confidence. What else can I check???

Turning “OFF” the Scanning Offset Adjustment seems to have corrected it. A bit confused but its working.

Did you measure and test to determine which numbers you needed to enter? There’s a process to go through, described here: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/ScanningOffsetAdjustment.md#scanning-offset-adjustment

I had a similar issue , when I did low power it was fine, as soon as I went onto a high power setting I got double lines. I made sure the beam was coming out straight from the nozzle and problem solved.

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