Why are letters not closing completely?

Hi I am in need of help with my letters not cutting completely. Hopefully someone might have an Idea of what is happening. Thanks in advance!

Most likely you have your Min Power setting too low. That also looks badly out of focus, unless it’s really small and zoomed in a lot.

Oz Thanks for the reply as a matter of fact I am running my min quite low I will give it a shot of raising it up. And yes it is a very small zoomed in letter. Thanks!

Is your lens tightly secured? Seems to wiggle a little unless that is deliberate.

Joseph yes I have been dealing with that wiggle for quite a while. Ive checked lense, mirrors, tightened pulleys, belts and every visible nut and screw and cant seem to figure it out. I even did hiwin linear rails and slides and nothing. I gave up on it. Any other Ideas? Thanks!

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