Why are my cut shapes going back and forth?

I have a file imported from SVG, and all of the cutouts jump back and forth - it cuts a portion, then does a different section, then goes back to connect them all. You can see what I mean here, this is a video of the Lightburn preview:
Lightburn question (vimeo.com)
Is there an easy way to re-do all the cuts at once? I know I could ungroup and re-group, but there are 40(ish) of these, which would take a while…

Are they all the same shape? It looks like the shape shown in your video is not a single closed path which would help, preventing the jumping from one section to another. If you select everything in that shape and then hit ALT J (Auto-join), that should help you connect all sections into a single path. :slight_smile:

If the 40ish are all the same, do one first, then consider using the array tool to create the rest from the fixed one. Redirecting...

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