Why are my files rotated!? GRBL to DSP

I’ve been running a Sainsmart GRBL diode laser for months. It died, and I recently upgraded to a CO2 Cabinet laser with a Ruida controller. I obviously had to upgrade my Lightburn license to the DSP license, but ever since I’ve done that, almost all of my files are now messily rotated 180 degrees! Why!?

I primarily see the issue with text vectors. They are upside down (and not even around a common centerpoint to where my design around it was) and usually misplaced somewhere near their original spot but still off. I’m having to basically re-place all of my designs that I’ve had and worked on for months.

What can I do to fix this? I’m guessing it’s something to do with DSP vs GRBL bed placements.

You have your machine origin set incorrectly. Machine origin is the corner that your machine seeks to when you power it up. It can be corrected in Edit/Device Settings:


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