Why are you hiding the license key?

Hi folks,

We paid a company to come and install a Nova 10 on our premises. The engineer typed the keys into both our MacBook and our iMac.

I guessed I might need to unauthenticate this software from my system before taking the license to a new one…

Why can I not see the license key in this app? It’s active. It works. The computer is mine.

Why is this being made a pain in the backside? It seems completely needless to hide this.

So where is the logic? If this is meant to be a security enhancement, then from who?? Myself? Or from trusted staff who may be allowed to use our machines?

Sorry if I seem a bit ratty. Hopefully you will tell me I’m being stupid and blind and that there is a big button which says “SHOW LICENSE KEY”

Thank you.

I suggest you email support@lightburnsoftware.com - There are authorized resellers and keys with multiple seats - I’m sure someone there will be able to help you.

It is best to contact your supplier first, and have them provide your key information. Once you have that information, send along via email to support@lightburnsoftware.com. We can then associate your email and your key, allowing you to manage the seat allocation directly.

We do not show the key in the User Interface, we have many customers that use LightBurn in schools, MakerSpace or in a shared environment where displaying could expose this private information to others.


??? Already a year some hacked versions on usenet and other places. But i wonder now what you guys are more hiding. Now its going to be interesting:-)

those are security policies of Ligthburn staff, if i had well understood your issue, you have to complain with those who sell you the laser machine and installed LB on your pc, not with Ligthburn itself

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