Why Dark lines in image?

I’m a newbie with a laser engraver. Having many issues when trying to burn an image on wood or cardboard. Dark lines appear in image . I’ve tried changing from horizontal to vertical but it went from no lines to blurry instead .

I have an Ortur 15 w master 2 laser engraver. Using windows 10 , 64 bit , running nothing else on computer.
Also have engraver grounded to computer casing to reduce static.

Any ideas ?

What is your light burn speed/ power settings?

Believe it was at 2000 speed and 50% power for the pix I posted. The image is a good resolution edited in photo shop. Similar outcome at same power with lower speed. Dpi I think was 404 .

2000 what? banana’s per day? miles per hour? Units matter. :slight_smile:

it was set at 2000mm/min

Same pix with some letter added and little smaller , at 1500mm/min at 50% power . Not even sure what’s going on with the letters and why they are so far off position. Lol

Here is what it is supposed to look like.

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