Why does it say your machine is busy or paused every time I try to engrave?

Hi, Im trying to engrave my machine is connected and ready but when i press start it says your machine is busy or paused. But its not. Its open and connected.

Need to ensure it’s actually connected to the controller. You should see the controllers output in the ‘console’ window.

When you power on the machine or reset it, the firmware should send information to the console.


Thank you I’ve managed to do that. Now I want to cut the wood and I don’t know how. I can’t find a video on youtube showing me how to cut. Only how to engrave.

Engrave is a tricky term here, what do you mean “Only how to engrave” if you mean engrave a picture then that will normally be a raster engrave, if you mean engrave a line then thats a vector engrave. The only difference between a Vector (line) engrave and a cut is power and speed… Less speed more power to make a line engrave in to a cut (assuming that focus is good)

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