Why does Lightburn cut in the same place even tho I relocate the image?

When I create an object, then cut on the laser, I NEVER know where it will cut.
Steps - 1-Home the laser 2-GOTO ORIGIN (left, front) 3-Outline item to cut and set speed, power and passes 4 Select START and see where the laser goes 5 Select STOP, move the material to where the laser would have cut 6 Goto Origin again 7 Select Start and cut normally. If I move the object up or down the laser seems to always cut in the same place… NEED some instruction please

What is the ‘Start From’ setting in LightBurn?

Unless it’s set to ‘Absolute Coords’, the position of the artwork in LightBurn does not affect where it runs on the laser.

Read here for how that works:

I thank you, my wife thanks you and so does my dog… I really appreciate the pointer to the solution… After so many hours, I was getting wrapped around the axle. I have downloaded the manual.