Why does my saved Lightburn files disappear from my hard drive & external drive?

Hello everyone, I am having issues with saving large data files… This problem has occurred to me twice so I am seeking resolution here to avoid many hours of lost work editing data.

I am creating a huge project which contains 29 layers of various graphic elements. Each layer is about 15" W x 15" H. Total project length is 75" long x 15" H x 5.5" D.

About 30 sheets 3mm thick 16" x 16" plywood sheets will be used on this job.

I should had separated the graphics into mini files rather then everything on one file I guess…


Is there a limit of graphics data that Lightburn can handle? If so, what is that number / limitation?
How can I find my file which was saved various times during a 3-4 hour job of creating and editing nodes!!!

Any suggestions of where or how to retrieve the lost files from external drive and hard drive will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Go to “File” and then “Recent Projects” it will be listed there. It will also show what drive and directory it is located in.

Are you storing it locally on your hard disk or via some kind of cloud?


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