Why does the machine have to be restarted many times to get it going

Hello, the problem is that the machine does not start if I have not used it for several days. “Waiting for connection…” I have to restart it many times to get it to work, but this time it doesn’t work.
Help me!
I will be renewing my license soon, I hope this problem is gone.

Are you experiencing this with a USB connection between the Neje 3 Max and your Windows 10 computer? If so, you’re not alone.

USB connections are dynamically assigned and can change on what might seem to be a whim. They are intentionally impermanent.

Please test the following for a solution:
With the Console window and the Laser window open, click the middle button in the bottom row of the Laser window, and select another port for LightBurn to use (if one is offered).

After selecting the new COM port, watch the Console window for the connection messages from your Laser. If you don’t see the messages, cycle through the COM port options (watching the Console window) until you run out of options.

Please let us know if this gets you unstuck.

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Thank you! I succeeded!

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Glad to hear it. Thanks for letting us know.

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