Why does the software forget my camera?

Every time I start LB I must reselect my camera from the drop down list of: None and Lightburn camera. Is there anyway LB could remember that I always select LightBurn Camera?


LightBurn version and OS?

OS = Windows Pro 10.0.17134 Build 17134 x64 Hardware abstraction version 10.0.17134.619 Bios American Megatrends Inc F4 ZM 5/16/2012, BIOS Mode = Legacy, SMBIOS version 2.7, Embedded Controller Version 255.255, 12 Gig of installed memory, page file space = 4.88GB

LB version Beta 0.9.00

Camera is a USB LightBurn supplied camera

Same circumstances here. Windows 7, latest lightburn version. On every restart of the computer or every restart of the software, I have to re-select the camera, which is always connected and active when the computer is powered on. No other apps are using the camera, because this computer is dedicated to the laser. It’s pretty devoted too.

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I’ll make it remember and re-select the last chosen camera.


That would be great. Thanks