Why does this happen?

Why does the laser do this? Is it the software or the laser not being steady?

You’re likely losing steps somewhere. Either something mechanical or your speed settings are too high.

First check belts for proper tension.

Can you take a screenshot of your cut settings?

I don’t see anything crazy in there.

Suggest focusing on anything mechanical. Review your belt tension particularly on the X-axis.

I can see how the “FILTHY” in the first image can be attributed to losing steps, but the “ya” looks more like bidirectional backlash. Does losing steps also account for the appearance of the “ya”?

I wouldn’t rule out backlash. And it’s possible there are multiple things going on. But if it was backlash I would expect it be more regular across all areas of the engraving. I was generally thinking about a single problem that could account for all the various artifacts. It’s hard to say for certain because the material and image don’t get you a lot of detail.

There may also be an offset scanning issue in play but again, was looking for a single problem that could potentially account for all the scenarios.

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