Why does this keep happening? program (Not Responding)

So this keeps happening. Nothing to do except shut down and loose the work. I have waited 30 min and still no response. It has happened with a simple square drawn in LB. No other programs open. This only happens in other programs that have 10 of thousands of nodes and then they finally respond, 5 to 10 min.

More detail would be useful - what you did right before it hung up, for example? Are you running LightBurn (or loading this file) from a network drive or a thumb-drive? It’s possible the auto-save is causing an issue.

This happens to me when I open a file hosted in Google drive stream…

The reference to Google is a critical portion of your problem. The next step is to transfer the file from the cloud to your local machine to determine if the problem is with the file or the location. I suspect you’ll find that it’s the latter.

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I hit the home button for the head after stopping it. I am running LB, Like I said it can happen with a simple square drawn in LB. This time it was a SVG file I have on my computer no thumb drive no network just a file I had drawn up and save in a SVG from another program.

You’re saying it locked up when you hit the Home button? Which Gerbil controller are you using? It’s likely related to that specific driver.

Im using mini gerbil.

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