Why is it cutting outside first

why is it cutting outside first then inside should be the other way around.


cut.lbrn (28.3 KB)

Good question. I ran it and it cut all the insides first like I would expect.

Your shapes aren’t closed:


If the shapes aren’t closed there is no “inside” - they have to be continuous loops. You can tell LightBurn to connect them for you by selecting everything and pressing Alt+J to auto-join everything.

Thanks for the Alt-Jeff shortcut. Oh wait. That was join wasn’t it?

Actually, it is both Jeff. :wink:

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Thanks everyone that was it cuts like it should.

Alt+Jason, actually. :wink:

I didn’t think we talked about that publicly @LightBurn?

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That shortcut would have helped me the other day if I knew about it. Spent an hour joining things with the node editor lol.

I can share good news, the software comes with documentation. :wink: Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation

At the bottom of that page is our recently updated ‘single page’ Hot Key Guide in easy to print PDF format.


Yea I read that for the node edit but didn’t think to look for anything else.