Why is it hard to erase laser settings to reconfig a laser or to even find devices?

Why is it hard to erase laser settings to reconfig a laser or to even find devices?
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Auto-find in later versions of LightBurn works for most laser engravers but the ATEZR V35 is not very common. I’ll look into what is needed to find and auto-detect.

Finding devices is fairly straight ahead when the USB Serial Driver chip is known and installed. It is most often a CH340 or CH341 chip (same driver). If you’re up and running with LaserGRBL, the driver is installed. Please close LaserGRBL and Power-Cycle your Laser Engraver then Launch LightBurn. LaserGRBL leaves some disconnected devices in a strange state with respect to hand-shaking.

I am also interested in the WiFi Connectivity Feature but I haven’t found the manual online yet.

Fortunately AETZR has offered one lbdev file to make it easy for you. https://atezr.com/pages/software-downloads

Open the Laser window, click the button marked Import, and import the lbdev file into the Devices menu. On review, it seems to be somewhat brief.

If you’re asking about the settings in the Firmware, those must remain present. If you’re asking about speed and power settings there’s no value in deleting those.

Are you making changes that do not persist in the Atezr 30W?

Please be sure to remove the TF card from the slot. The card can take over the serial communications and prevent the USB communication from connecting.

It’s also likely that the Screen itself takes over the serial communication pins.

A good close up picture of the control board might offer some insight when documentation isn’t available from the manufacturer.

I downloaded their app and started looking at some of the internal info. Looks like we can expect a Makerbase Controller of some kind.

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