Why is LightBurn CAD so easy?

I don’t know where to even post such a topic, but it is LightBurn Software related.

I just have to say no matter what I am doing, I now default to LightBurn for CAD. The CAD within LightBurn has greatly matured over time.

It’s the intuitive nature, speed of the functions, and most notably the shortcut buttons that allow me to draw much easier and faster with Lightburn.

It bothers me to even have to make adjustments or small changes in VCarve Pro when working with my CNC Mill.

Thanks for such a great app and for the continuous optimization you put into it.


This is the best complaint I’ve had all day. :slight_smile:


I have used a quite a few CAD programs in the past, from MinnCAD in 1977 to AutoCad to SolidWorks, Inkscape and others, to PlasmaCam to LightBurn.
Lightburn is not perfect, but is evolving rapidly and has already surpassed most of the others. Each new release adds useful features that makes our lives easier.
By far, the best is the response we get, to fix a bug or add a feature.

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You earn that. I should have made some complaints about that issue also! :smile:

Daily I am amazed at the speed of creation through LightBurn CAD. It truly becomes the best combination: LightBurn + Laser Cutter for almost instant ideation to production. This is especially true when considering / comparing the process involved with other motion control machining (like CNC Mill). One gets the most intuitive CAD application I can think of, and with laser there isn’t an entirely separate tool path / post processor step (that the LightBurn user is responsible for generating).

It is common now, for example, to think “I really could benefit from a new gasket on something” and within 10 minutes I have drawn the gasket in LightBurn, thrown in a scrap piece of shelf liner into the laser, and there it is…

Or a jig for wood working, a stencil, stupid things like a wheel mask with a handle to apply / spray Armor All to tires without overspray on the wheels.

I even designed and drew up a gigantic Nerf Wall organization system for my son’s room with the LightBurn CAD.

(worth every ¢)


Over here it’s worth every €!!! Agree 100000%!

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