Why is my controller scrambled

I started playing around with leather speed 400mm 19 pwr. In fill mode I keep getting double letters.
What am I doing wrong.

Thanks Rudy

Z alignment. Your beam is hitting the inside of your nozzle instead of or along with the hole.

If I drop down to 100mm/s everything is perfect doses speed somehow effect this.

Then you have something flexing in your X axis. Could be as simple as a loose lens or mirror.

I changed all my mirrors realigned all my mirrors it is shooting dead center out the nozzle. And it still double lettering. I even checked the belts. In line mode perfect.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Dead center out the nozzle, so you checked your centering without the nozzle just the tube, correct?

Only other thing I could think of is a bad lens, but that shouldn’t be affected by speed. I’m making another assumption in that the engraving was actually done with the normal letter orientation, L to R. That makes your movement in your X axis, If you have checked the beam alignment, have you checked the bearing block for looseness, made sure your belt tension isn’t too tight? Too tight is sometimes worse than loose with toothed belts.

Yes dead center out nozzle checked with out nozzle.
Lense is new facing correct way.
Yes left to right engraving.
I checked bearing blocks thought maybe hanging up all good.
Belt seems good not to tight.

I’m out of suggestions. It’s a left right thing for sure. Did you check the mirror tightness by the retaining ring, or actually tapping on the mirror? I have seen someone get a bit of grit in the threads and it stop, but not tighten. Even that’s grasping at straws.

I will go over all my mirrors again tomorrow.
I really appreciate your help.
Thank you.

It will wind up being one of those things you swear you checked a hundred times. I would literally take the mirrors out and check the seats at this point. Can’t hurt.

I went over everything and i still had the issue so I tried RDworks and everything worked perfect. It must be some setting in LB that I over looked.
Thanks for all of the suggestions.

You likely have “Reverse Interval” settings applied in RDWorks but not in LightBurn. Read here: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/ScanningOffsetAdjustment.html

(If you copy your values straight out of RDWorks, you have to divide the offsets by 2)

Thanks Oz very informative information. I was at wits end i did everything that Dave01 suggested now i will give this a try.

Thank You

I tried the method with the different speeds and inputted the settings in and nothing changed.
Then ran it a gain and it still looked the same.


Ok i got it figured out everything is lined up no more over run but when I send it to my controller it looks like this. Nowhere else just the controller.

Here’s how it came out.


The laser display does not know how to compensate for the shifted lines. Normally the amount of shift is small, so it’s not terribly visible, but if you run a design very fast and/or have large line offsets, that will happen.

Thank you