Why is my machine going the wrong way?

I homed the machine, it’s in the lower-left corner.

I tell it to go burn, and the machine tries to go more to the left, and it can’t go more left since it is already crashing into the guard rail.

If I tell it to put the laser to the position of the GREEN box, it runs to the left, and it’s already hitting the guard rail, so it makes a bunch of rackets and can’t go anywhere.

I see you have JTech listed in your profile, but you do not say what this laser is mounted to and what drives it. You are going to need to walk through the setup process again. Have a review of this and then report back with how you have things setup. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

I have it installed on X-carve

We have a section for that: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Shapeoko, XCarve, and other negative workspace systems

Shapeoko machines typically use Grbl 1.1f, as do newer X-Carve and some other systems, but as they are designed as CNC machines, they are typically configured for negative workspace coordinates, which LightBurn doesn’t support. This is an easy thing to work around though, using a workspace offset.

And this is a very good setup procedure provided directly from JTech: Using Lightburn on Shapeoko3 and X Carve Machines - J Tech Photonics, Inc.

Yesterday I had help from here to set up the macro buttons.

And it made the problems worse instead of better.

Yes, I was just reading that.

But I’m still kind of clueless, being a newbie.

That is OK, we all start somewhere. :slight_smile: I do recommend re-reading the setup from JTech, it is very through. They cover the correct macros and the rest needed to complete and get things working correctly.

Rick, Thanks, I reset everything.

It seems to be working better.

I’m so used to working on dual monitors with my graphics, so everything is so much smaller when I’m just on my laptop, it makes it hard to see the settings clearly since everything is so much smaller.

I need to work on my PC setup and watch several more videos!

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