Why is the Lightburn material test file in strange ratios?

Ive used the material test file in Lightburn and why are the different settings in strange intervals ?

Like power 10, 14.4. 18.9 etc

Why not 10, 15, 20 etc

Also what the purpose of the min setting in power in the cut editor?


What ‘cut’ editor ? Do you mean the layer editor?

Minimum/maximum power is used when not ‘scanning’…

When you do a vector job, engraving or cutting, the head has to slow down, change direction, and speed back up. When this happens the power is changed based on the ‘start-speed’ in the controller and your layer speed.

You can edit the layer, but the speeds and power values are set by the distribution of how many areas and percentage of power…


The interval amount depends on the minimum and max range of the parameter you’re testing, and the number of different values (count) between this range you want tested. So if you are testing between 10% and 50% power at a count of 10, there are 9 intervals between the lowest value (10) and the highest (50).

50-10=40 and 40/9 = 4.444, so the interval amount is roughly this value (there is some rounding). If you want the interval amount to be 5, reduce the count to 9, so there are 8 intervals.

The Min Power value in the Cut Settings editor is the lowest power your laser will use when it slows down to make turns.