Why is there no trim type command?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or complainy, but I’m a 20 year veteran of CAD design. I know this isn’t CAD but I seriously think this program is missing (from what I can tell) a fundamental command that would save so much time when free drawing (unless I’m just dumb and can’t find it). Trim, just cut out a line between two lines. Am I missing something here? Perhaps it’s because of the possibility of being on different layers? There has to be some middle ground though.

Hover over almost everything in LightBurn to pop a Tool Tip for that thing. Hit F1 while hovering over a thing to be taken to our documentation, focused on that subject.

As you see above, @RalphU has kindly shared how LightBurn already provides a ‘Trim’ tool while in Node Edit mode. :slight_smile:

My apologies, thanks this is great! I will do this for sure.

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Thanks Ralph!

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