Why my machine isn't accurate?

Hello everyone,

I’m having some inaccuracy issues.
I tried to cut a 15 mm in diameter circle and got an ellipse (14.64mm - 14.84mm).

  1. Why is it ellipse? do I need to change the number of steps of the x & y axis of the controller?
  2. why is there an offset from the 15mm I wanted? I read about “kerf offset” and tried that, but I don’t want to change it every time I use my machine…
  3. I tried to cut a circle in a circle - it turns out the bigger circle cut was smaller than I defined and the smaller circle was larger than what I defined… Seems to me like there’s a line thickness and the Lightburn software decides to cut from the inner/outer side of each shape…

I’d love to have solutions for these issues.
Thanks in advance,

You may. This should help with checking and adjustment if required. Configuring A Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

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