Why no reset Z on a stop?

I have a non planer surface and that I using the Z offset in the Cuts panel and its working great except for one issue. I am using the Start/Stop/Pause feature to send the data. I will use Start to start the rastering of a design. I will then press pause and measure the actual height at the current location to make sure its correct. I will then hit Stop to stop the current layer so I can then re-adjust or move on to the next layer.

What I have observed is when I hit Start, the head moves to the location and then the bed raises to be closer to the laser and starts cutting, perfect since my head is above the piece. However, after pressing Pause and then in I press stop, it just goes back home without raising back up to the original height. Since the head is lower than part of the piece, it crashes into the part. This has bumped my piece multiple times today causing me to re-level it.

I would think that when I hit stop, the bed should move back to the original height and then move to home.

As a work around, before I hit stop now, I have to lower the bed manually.


Okay that makes sense. When I have Z enabled, and I hit start, it did adjusted Z like I was expecting but I was hoping it would do the “inverse” of this z move when I hit stop. I will just continue to raise the head manually then.

Thanks for the quick answer


On a Boss Laser (or any other DSP controller) jobs are sent “fire and forget” - The entire job is buffered by the controller, and LightBurn isn’t involved while it’s running. If you were to hit Stop on the controller itself, LightBurn would have no idea that had even happened. When you hit Stop in LightBurn itself, it just sends the Stop command, nothing else.

Im sorry, I meant to say I press “Start”. Whats the difference between “Start” and “Send”


Starting streams the job to the controller / runs the job. Send loads the job in the controller’s memory. From that point you would run the job from the HMI. (At least that’s how it is on a Ruida DSP)

Okay. I was hoping pause would be able to “break into that stream” but again, you would have to know where the controller was and that really not possible as you described. The only thing you could do would be to interrogate the controller, and then send it to a “Safe Height” before going to home. So I will continue to do it manually. All is good. Again, thanks for the quick response and explanation. Reason # 8 that I have no problems whatsoever paying for this SW.


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