Why won't my laser cut through out designs

Hey gang, I’m running the Mako 80 watt laser cutter from Inksmith. I can engrave really well and have had success doing so on some big jobs, but I can’t seem to cut out shapes, despite tinkering with the power output.
I’m new at this and may be missing something obvious.
Help a guy out please.

According to the pictures on their site, they are using a Ruida controller. Ruida has a min/max power setting. Min power is used when cutting speed is 10mm/s or below (including when the controller slows down to make corners/turns).

Likely your min power setting is too low, but we’d need to see your cut settings to be sure.

Feel free to provide detailed information about your setup so we aren’t guessing. :slight_smile: A sample file and/or screen shots will be helpful.

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