Width and height change

When i create a square using Width and Height box. I first create a square of the near size and then type in exact measurements. So for instance i want a square of 103mm wide x 8.2 high, i type in the two measurements and the last measurement changes the previous one, so if i type in 8.2 mm in hight and the 103mm in width the 8.2 measurement changes to 9.26. If i correct that the 103mm measurement then changes to 91.0mm or any other boxes i create with different calculation. Just wondering if a have changed any settings. Can anyone advise.

Have you removed the aspect ratio lock?

The doc behind @bernd.dk’s suggestion:

Click to deselect the lock and set the two values free.

Thanks for your replies, had the lock on, now back to normal. Thank god for Lightburn and its forum, would be stuck with out the help of you lads. Tried X Tool for a friend the other day, seems theres no forum to help you out not like Lightburn, give X tool a miss in the future.

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